Posted by DJT on Apr 22, 2018

Matt Hamilton, father of two, husband to wife, Stacey, was recognized as East Jordan’s 2018 Father of the Year by the East Jordan Rotary Club.  The award was presented by the East Jordan Rotary Club president, Tami Vincent, at the 98th annual father/son banquet on Saturday.

His family describes him as a great listener, takes his girls for donuts on snow days, and challenges them to try new things like wakeboarding and four wheeling.  They say that he keeps them guessing about what adventure he will take them on next. 

Hamilton is a Middle School Teacher at East Jordan Middle / High School.  He founded, and continues to sponsor, The Shoe Club where students are encouraged to think about what it is like to “walk in someone else’s shoes”.  He encourages students to invest in themselves and the people around them. 

He is also a founding member of The Depot, a community teen center, in East Jordan.  The Depot is a safe place for teens to hang out, receive guidance, and feel connected.  He enjoys giving nicknames to his students that reflects each student’s personality.  “Froggy Fresh”, “Hot Sauce”, and “Prime Time” are just a few examples. 

This award was particularly meaningful to Hamilton as his own Father passed away just 6 months ago.  He expressed his appreciation for his own Father being such a good role model for him when he was growing up.  He misses his Father, but is thankful for the example he was. 

His family reiterates that he devotes his time to things he believes in and feels are important.  His life reflects his love for his family, his students, and his community.  “We feel bless to call him husband, dad, coach, and our hero!”.