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You are receiving this invitation because you were not at either the noon meeting on Tuesday 7/30 or the evening meeting Wednesday 7/31.  There was a vote at each of these meetings about changing the Club's bylaws to change the amount of the Annual Dues each Rotarian pays.  There is more explanation further down in this email.  If you 'accept' this invitation, you are voting yes to change the bylaws and increase the annual dues to $175/Rotarian/year.  If you 'decline' the invitation, you are voting no to the change in the bylaws.  Because the Board of Directors needs 100% participation, it will be assumed that you are voting 'yes' to change the bylaws and increase the annual dues if you do not respond to the invatation.

Please read the explanation below, this was read at both meetings

In years past, the Club has charged Rotarians $140 per year to cover your Rotary International dues.  The board’s thought was that the club typically broke even on this.  The Board of Directors is presenting a change in the way the Club charges for Annual dues.  In order to do this, the Club needs vote from the members to change the Club’s bylaws.

The East Jordan Rotary Club is of course, part of Rotary International.  Most past years, the board chooses an international project to support and then asks the Rotarians to donate towards that project and matches funds.  In years past we have supported the Lindgap orphanage in the Philippines, the Red Sweater Project, and the Red Dirt Road project.  This year the Board is looking at supporting a 3D prosthetic limb printing project.  A Texas Club is working with Baylor College of Medicine in Tanzania towards this goal.  I am telling you this because I am unaware of how the HH club has been approached to participate in the international aspect of Rotary in the past.  The board is looking for 100% participation with the international project. 

What the Board is proposing is raising the annual dues to $175/Rotarian/Year.  The proposed break down was to be $140 Rotary International Dues, $25 for the Club’s International Project and $10 for Club Administration.  With this proposal, there will be no repetitious ask for a donation to whatever International Project to Board chooses to support. That was the plan, until yesterday morning when I added up dues and fees and am telling you something that the board first heard yesterday at lunch.

The Club pays dues twice a year based on the number of members, 60 at the time of the invoice.  6/30 and 1/1.  Our bills for this year 2019-2020 are Rotary District 6290 dues of $2940, Rotary International $2652.27, ClubRunner $275 and Quickbooks $120 for a total of $5987.27 each six months or a total of $11974.54 for the whole year.  Divided by 60 equals yearly dues of $199.58 per Rotarian.  The Club is losing $59.58/Rotarian/year on dues or $3574.80/year.  The HH’s hard work on Brewfest was almost negated to cover the loss from the club suffers because of dues.  Or the community missed out on almost $3600 of good from the Club.  Our fundraising should be going to those who need our help, not administration costs.

The proposed increase in dues to $175/Rotarian needs to be voted on to change our bylaws. 

Please vote yes to vote for the change in bylaws or no to vote against the change in bylaws.

Thank you

Steve Voci