The Rotary Club of East Jordan has announced the cancellation of their 14th
annual Variety Show, due to ongoing concerns about COVID – 19. The Show,
which was scheduled to take place on Friday and Saturday, April 24th and 25th,
will be rescheduled in April 2021.
Dr. Steven Voci, the President of the Rotary Club, said the decision to cancel
was an easy decision to make. “The Rotary Club supports the
recommendations of the State of Michigan, the CDC and the Health
Department of Northwest Michigan,” he said, adding, “it’s important that
everyone does all that they can do to slow down the transmission of the virus.”
The Rotary Club will be contacting all advertisers soon. “All advertisers will
receive a full refund,” Voci noted.
Rotarian Chip Hansen said planning for the 2021 Show will begin soon.
“Although circumstances dictated this year’s cancellation, the foundation for a
really great show is already in place, so stay tuned, and stay healthy,” Hansen
said, adding, “God willing, we’ll see you all again next year