East Jordan Rotary Opportunity Scholarship

The Rotary Opportunity Scholarship was created by John B. Smith, a long-time Rotarian with a passion for education.  A retired educator and superintendent, John Smith established the fund to reward the potential of qualifying East Jordan High School graduates.  Scholarships are renewable. Multiple Scholarships in Various Amounts Criteria/Requirements: • East Jordan High School graduating senior • Planning to attend an in-state accredited voc-tech program, community college, or a  four-year public college or university • Cumulative GPA range of 2.0 - 3.5 • Special Application required • Two (2) Teacher Input Forms • FAFSA page that lists Expected Family Contribution (EFC) • Attendance Form from school counselor • Personal statement (maximum one (1) typed page) that includes a paragraph for each of the following: 1)  Explain how you have prepared yourself to be successful for your next educational program 2)  Describe any barriers that you’ve struggled with or encountered throughout  your high school years   3)  Describe any support that you may or may not have received from family or other important people in your life   4)  Discuss your responsibilities outside of school (work, home, etc.) that may have interfered with some of your academic work • Consideration will be given to financial need, personal statement, teacher input, and school attendance • This scholarship is renewable for up to four consecutive years