Rotary Club Scholarships
The East Jordan Rotary Club Scholarship Fund provides multiple scholarships in various amounts to qualifying students.  The scholarships are intended to honor community leaders who had a sincere interest in supporting post-secondary educational opportunities for East Jordan High School graduates.  Those community leaders were: 

William E. Malpass

William T. Mathews

Bill Porter

Howard P. Porter

Marjorie Smith

Bryce Vance


Criteria/Requirements for William E. Malpass, William T. Mathews, Howard P. Porter,  and Marjorie Smith Scholarships:

• East Jordan High School graduating senior • Planning to attend a two or four-year college or university • Attach a list of all leadership roles held at school and in the community during high school • Applicants should attach a college transcript, if applicable • CCCF’s Common Application Form • Consideration will be given to academic performance, SAT score, college prep classes, leadership roles held, school involvement, community service, and awards and honors received

Criteria/Requirements for Bill Porter Scholarship:

• East Jordan High School graduating senior • Pursuing a license, certification, or endorsement in a specialized trade, or who wishes to work toward an associate or bachelor degree in the trade and/or industry field • Cumulative GPA must be between 2.0 - 3.3 • Attendance Form from school counselor • CCCF’s Common Application Form • FAFSA page that lists Expected Family Contribution (EFC) • Consideration will be given to academic performance, financial need, school attendance, and personal statement • This scholarship is renewable

Criteria/Requirements for Bryce Vance Scholarship:

• Awarded to the most recent Rotary Exchange Student who has completed the Rotary Youth Exchange Program and will continue their post-high school education