The East Jordan Rotary Club Scholarship Fund provides multiple scholarships in various amounts to qualifying students.  The scholarships are intended to honor community leaders who had a sincere interest in supporting post-secondary educational opportunities for East Jordan High School graduates. Awards are based on academic performance, SAT score, college prep classes, leadership roles held, school involvement, community service, and awards and honors received
  $5750  Macy McPherson
  $ 4750  Gabrielle Snyder
  $ 3500  Madeline  Malpass                
  $2500   Bailey Swanson
  $2000   Augustus Schier
The East Jordan Rotary Opportunity Scholarship was created by John B. Smith (pictured) , a long-time Rotarian with a passion for education.  A retired educator and superintendent, John Smith established the fund to reward the potential of qualifying East Jordan High School graduates planning to attend an in-state accredited voc-tech program, community college, OR  a  four-year public college or university • Cumulative GPA must be within the range of 2.0 - 3.5 .  All of the following scholarships are renewable for up to four years
Celeste Antaya           $1250              Katelyn Crawford     $1500
Joseph Atwood             2000             Hayley Curnow           1500
Justin Barnette              1000             Austin  Ford                1500
Lillian Black                    1000            Mika Holbrook             2000
Cheyenne Brown            4000             Jony Sumner              1000
Madison Buckholz         1000             Eliza Wojan                 1500
An additional $24,800  will be awarded this fall from this fund to past winners who qualify for renewal .
East Jordan Rotary would like to thank the entire community for their outstanding support for all of our fund raising efforts,  and to the Charlevoix Community Foundation for acting as our scholarships fiduciary.